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We’ll audit and configure your data infrastructure to ensure your organization has the right setup for marketing analysis.

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Tracking Infrastructure Setup

To facilitate granular data reporting from your media platforms and for deep analysis, we setup a tracking infrastructure system aligned to your business.

Our configuration will enable multi-channel attribution so that you can see the user journey from visitor to paying user.

  • UTM's tagging
  • Unique tracking template URL for dynamic traffic routing
  • User ID based reporting to connect user acquisition to user engagement

Data: Ingestion, Transformation, and Enrichment

Leveraging our proprietary S/L Connector, we connect, unify, and enrich your data to understand how you can drive customer growth.

Data sources

We offer a robust set of API integrations with the following:

Google Ads
Bing Ads
Facebook Ads
Google Analytics
Google Sheets (including any data source that can be imported into Google Sheets)

We also offer a set of enriched data fields:

Company name
Employee count
Technologies used

...and more!

Blended Reporting and
Custom Dashboards

Once data has been ingested onto the S/L Growth Platform, create blended reports that combine multiple data sources and compute new metrics on the fly.

Blended Reports

Our reports are updated automatically and blended reports can be incorporated into custom dashboards.

Example customer reports:

* Revenue/Cost/Profit per paying user
* Cost per engaged user
* Cost per demo booked user
* Cost per qualified user
* Cost per registered user
* Multi-channel attribution
* LTV by campaigns, ad groups, ads
* And so many other KPI's...

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