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Build a Unified, Growth Marketing Data View

Connect and unify your data to understand how you can drive customer growth.

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Connect Your Marketing Data To Data Across the Organization

Display, Search, COHORTS

All platforms. One place.

Connect and consolidate your marketing data across teams in your organization through our robust set of API connections.

Transform Your Data into Insights & Actions

Transform data for analysis, further enrich your data sets, and to derive growth marketing insights that you can turn into actions.


Cleanse data for duplicates, test entries, and more


Build enhanced reports which combine multiple data sources, and construct new calculation metrics


Aggregate event level data so you can get it ready for comparative analysis


Easily schedule, automate, and access report updates for realtime data accuracy

Access Dashboards to Focus on Driving Customer Growth

Free up time to focus on doing more to drive customer growth rather than trying to figure out how to measure it.

  • Distill your data into the key growth metrics that matter.
  • See what's driving changes in performance at a high-level and drill down into the details.
  • Analyze and prioritize actions for customer growth.
Scale your customer growth engine with Sona Labs
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