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Organize and manage a unified set of customer growth metrics on dashboards that align with business performance.

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Build Custom

In addition to default dashboards, you and your team have the ability to embed blended reports into custom dashboards so that you can monitor the key metrics that drive your business.

Create Blended Reports

Once data has been ingested onto the S/L Growth Platform, create blended reports that combine multiple data sources and compute new metrics on the fly.

Blended Reports

* Revenue/Cost/Profit per paying user
* Cost per engaged user
* Cost per demo booked user
* Cost per qualified user
* Cost per registered user
* Multi-channel attribution
* LTV by campaigns, ad groups, ads
* And so many other KPI's...

Automate, Refresh, and Share

From your dashboard, you can automate report updates, refresh data sources, and easily share views with members of your organization.

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