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Visualize Ad Creative Performance

See all of your ad creatives along with downstream performance in a visual, navigable format to easily observe trends, make ad spend decisions, and brainstorm new ideas.

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Consolidated Views and Tracking

Get a comprehensive view of performance for all your visual ads. Track how your ad creatives are performing through several views.

Segment exploration

See how campaigns and adsets contribute to traffic and customer growth

Creative exploration

See which ad creatives are driving higher performance within campaigns and adsets

Creative Time Series

See how ad creatives perform over time and identify ad creative performance degradation.

Understand Attributes that Drive Performance

Tags, tags, tags

Tag Creatives

Based on ad creative attributes, add tags to your creatives to better understand performance and introduce structure into what's normally unstructured data.

Examples of attributes for tagging:

* Theme
* Subject matter
* Text
* Color
* Background*
And so much more...

Uncover Insights for
New Ad Creatives

Brainstorm new ad creative concepts based on data-driven insights from both ad creative performance and through connecting sales, finance, and other data from your organization.

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