Connect your data to customer growth

Sona Labs enables growth in B2B companies through connecting data across the company to customer acquisition initiatives.

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Unified Data View

Connect your data to see how you can drive customer growth


Everything in one place

Connect, transform, and normalize marketing data from a robust set of API connections. Unify marketing data with sales, finance or any data from your organization.

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Your growth overview

With growth marketing dashboards, organize and manage a unified set of customer growth metrics that align with overall business performance.

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Analyze and Automate your Marketing

Visual reporting

Visually analyze ad creatives alongside data. Observe trends, make ad spend decisions, and brainstorm new ideas.

Audience syncing

Create custom audience lists and easily sync with Facebook to create campaigns.

Blended reporting

Combine multiple data sources to compute new metrics and generate new reports.

Scale Your Customer Growth

Leveraging our software and know-how, we can implement customizations to your funnel to improve the overall user experience.


Personalized funnels

Connect ad platform targeting attributes to rules for traffic routing, personalizing messaging through the funnel.

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Scale your customer growth engine with Sona Labs
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